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Modern Technology

Gone are the days when a pair of glasses involved a frame and two simple pieces of glass ground to the correct prescription. With the help of modern technology, both the manufacturing and the design of spectacle lenses have improved greatly. Lenses have become clearer, lighter and visually much more comfortable to look through than anything that was possible just a few years ago.

What we can fit you with

We have been supplying Zeiss lenses for years and for most people these are an excellent and very comfortable solution. Zeiss is the world’s best lens options for your eyes.

Single vision lenses

Prescribed for people who are either long sighted or short sighted. These can be for reading, driving or working at the computer. Going for this option may mean that you will need a separate pair of glasses for different activities.

Bifocal lenses

For a combination of distance and near vison. They are usually less expensive than varifocal lenses but have a visible line where the two sections meet.

Varifocal lenses

A combination of two prescriptions in one lens means you don’t have to carry two pairs of glasses. Some of the better lenses combine distance, intermediate and near vision.

Computer lenses

With these lenses you have comfortable vision in the office, no matter where you look.

You can focus perfectly on your computer and get up to make a cup of coffee or have a chat with a co-worker in the office without taking your glasses off. Because you can also read with them your eyes are able to relax more ensuring a more suitable posture. You will notice the positive effects even after work.

You can also opt for coatings like scratch-resistant or anti-reflection.

  • Specialty eyewear for specific tasks
  • Computer glasses
  • Eye protection glasses
  • Safety glasses with prescription
  • Sports goggles
  • Driving glasses

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