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What is the function of your glasses?

The first selection will depend upon why you need glasses. Do you need them because you work at the computer all day or to read a book, to practise a particular sport or as a fashion-item to go with your outfit?

What style of glasses suits you best?

The most important tip is to create visual contrast. The shape of your frame should actually be in contrast to the shape of your face to create a balance.

Choosing your glasses

A good pair of glasses is an important investment: it is not just a tool to help you see better, it is also a fashion accessory. One that is a part of you from the minute you get up until late at night. Spectacles need to be comfortable and complement
your face. Or you can choose to make a bold fashion statement!

Discover the different types of face shapes and what glasses suit you best:


People change. Eyes change.
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