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Why get your child’s eyes tested?

Regular eye tests are particularly important for children because it will highlight any problems at an early stage. A child may not realise there is a problem with their vision so without routine tests this could be missed. And that could affect their development and education.

In older children, signs of a possible eye
problem can include:

  • Complaining of headaches or eye strain
  • Problems reading – for example, they may need to hold books close to their face and they may lose their place regularly
  • Problems with hand-eye co-ordination – for example, they may struggle to play ball games
  • Being unusually clumsy
  • Regularly rubbing their eyes
  • Sitting too close to the TV

Children’s eyes also need protection from the sun, maybe even more so as they tend to spend a lot of time outside. A hat and sunglasses are a must in summer, just like suntan lotion.

Child’s vision

A child’s vision should be tested at least once a year from age 3 upwards. You can get a free test until they turn 16. If they need glasses you can also get a voucher towards the cost and we have a lovely selection of free frames.

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